BRANOpac India Pvt. Ltd.
BRANOpac India Pvt. Ltd.

Branopac India : Your Partner in Corrosion Protection

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BRANOpac India initiated in 2002 has steadily grown to establish manufacturing plant at Sonipat (40km North of Delhi on National Highway-1). The organisation has steadily and swiftly established all India customer network and also exports to other asian countries.
Customers and products Our customers and their products are the focus. We undertake scientific on site CORROSION PROTECTION AUDIT to recommend safe and efficient products. Thus we have established DECADES OF TRUSTWORTHY ASSOCIATION with reputed companies across the world. We also impart FREE on-site and in-house TRAINING by our German experts.

ManufacturerAs a manufacturer, we are in charge of all development and production processes. Branopac has OVER 50 YEARS OF MANUFACTURING EXPERIENCE.This enables development of customized products to suit local requirements.

WorldwideBRANOpac is represented on four continents and has a worldwide production and distribution network. This results in a GOOD NETWORK CO-ORDINATION between the consignor as well as at the consignee end.

Laboratory, analytics and applications technologyBRANOscience division possesses a STATE-OFTHE-ART ANALYTIC LABORATORY. Indeed, the expertise and know-how of this department is available to you for individual research purposes and for providing application advice.

EnvironmentBRANOpac GmbH is environmentally concious- it works according to DIN EN ISO 14001 CERTIFIED working processes and uses products made from natural, fully recyclable paper and cellulose. BRANOpac chemical formulations confirm to TRGS-615 & REACh .
Registration Evaluation Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals

QualityBRANOpac stands for high quality. It ensures the quality of its products drawn on optimized business processes certified in accordance with DIN ISO 9001 TUV & DEKRA
BRANOpac India Pvt. Ltd.
BRANOpac India Pvt. Ltd.
BRANOpac India Pvt. Ltd.

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