Corrosion Protection VCI Films

BRANOfol: protection with transparency

BRANOpac corrosion protection films act in accordance with the VCI principle (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors) i.e. they release small amounts of volatile protective substances. A protective atmosphere is built up in packaging containing this paper, providing reliable protection against corrosion for metal components. BRANOpac films work on contact and from a distance.
BRANOfol M3 BRANOfol M3 is a transparent, bluish special polyethylene film; it is nitrite-free and features active VCI corrosion protection on both sides. It is water resistant, weldable and suitable for use in automated packaging processes and for bag manufacturing. Recommended for Steel, cast iron (limited, only on contact); reliable corrosion protection for galvanized steel, nickel, aluminium, chrome and zinc. Available in 60 μm, 80 μm, 100 μm, 150 μm & 200 μm
BRANOfol LPM 6.18BRANOfol LPM 6.18 is a nitrite- and amine free special polyethylene air cushion film, which, as well as offering aircushioned protection, also provides active one-sided corrosion protection. BRANOfol LPM 6.18 is waterproof, weldable (heatsealable) and suitable for automated packaging for bag manufacturing. Recommended for Steel, cast iron (limited, only on contact); reliable corrosion protection for nickel, aluminium, chrome, copper and its alloys. The thickness of the VCI laminated film is 80 μm, bubble diameter is approx. 10 mm.
BRANOfol R2(Skinfilm with corrosion protection) BRANOfol Skinfilms are polyethylene films with lower thickness (PE-LD) or Surlyn; they are coated on one side with an adhesive agent and VCI vapour-phase corrosion-protection inhibitors. Skin-film packaged components are provided with reliable corrosion protection on contact; protection is also provided from a distance for drill holes and other hard-to-access places. Recommended for Steel, iron, chrome and high-grade aluminium.
BRANOstretch M5 (VCI stretch film) BRANOstretch M5 is a bluish, transparent stretch film with active VCI corrosion protection that is especially suited for packaging steel coils. BRANOstretch M5 is a water resistant polyethylene (LLDPE) film.

Thickness :
30 μm. or 50 μm.
Range of Protection : BRANOstretch M5 protects steel, cast iron, nickel, aluminium, chromium, zinc and copper and its alloys.
Protection duration : Up to 12 months depending on the climatic conditions and how tightly sealed (leak-proof) the packaging is.

    Other Grades : Extra Strong (XS), reinforced film & desired colors.    
    Supply Forms : Films are available with different mechanical properties like different thickness, grammage.    
    Supplies : Customise rolls, cut sheets, pouches, bags and shrouds etc, customer special prints.    
    For Further Details : Specific Product Information, Product Specification, & Safety Data Sheets are available.    

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