Corrosion Protection Emitters

BRANOrost chips: wonder product for volume protection

BRANOrost chips are differently sized cellulose cut-outs or punch outs that have been impregnated with vapour-phase corrosion-protection substances. BRANOrost chips act in accordance with the VCI principle (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors) i.e. they release small amounts of valatile protective substances. A protective atmosphere is built up in packaging or containers containing these fill chips, providing reliable protection against corrosion for metal components. BRANOrost chips have a reserve-supply system.
BRANOrost Chips are placed or hung in packaging or cavities with tightly sealed outer walls. The better the outer seal, the longer-lasting the protection. Depending on the size of the packagings, mall-format chips such as cut-outso r punch outs can be used. Large-formact hips are also available. The distance between the BRANOrostC hips and the metal will depend on the packaginvgo lume and the amount of time needed for a protectivaet mosphere to build up. As a rule of thumb, the amount of time needed for a fully protectivaetm osphere to build up at a distanceo f 30 cm for steel and cast iron and at 12 cm for copper and its alloys is approximatel1y5 minutes and 24 hours respectively.
The surfaces to be protectedm ust be dry and free from corrosion-promotingre sidues such finger sweat, aggressived etergent-based substances and others. Acids and stronga lkaline can also affect the corrosionp rotection system. The protected materials should be kept away from direct contacwt ith wood or acidic materials. It is also importantt o make sure that relative atmospherich umidity is kept low and that there is no atmosphericco ntamination (make sure that there is no wood in the packaging).

    Protection Duration : 3 years maximum in tightly sealed packaging. Depending upon climate conditions.  
    BRANOrost R-Chip : Recommended for Steel, cast iron, chrome, block tin, high grade aluminium.  
    BRANOrost U-Chip : Recommended for Steel, copper and its alloys brass, bronze, high grade aluminium, chrome, block tin.  
    Supply Forms : In desired Sizes, shapes, cutouts & punchouts from few mm to several metres.  

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